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About Us

Sky pharma researcher

Who we are

Founded in 2019, Sky Pharma is a Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dubai and managed by a group of professionals with deep expertise and decades of experience in the industry. Our core business focuses on pharmaceutical sales & marketing, logistics, regulatory affairs, in-licensing, and out-licensing.

We operate in the ten member countries of the CIS and GSS in addition to Europe and Central, North and Western Asia. At the top of the helm at Sky Pharma are the two visionaries:

  • Dr. Jaimon John Soman (CEO/Director)
  • Joseph Chacko (Director)

Sky Pharma has distinguished itself from its competitors through its commitment to social responsibility.

We are driven by values

Our constant endeavour to create a healthy world drives us while keeping our core values close to our hearts. The company participates in several initiatives aimed at improving access to essential medicines. The company also works closely with healthcare providers and government agencies to promote healthy lifestyle choices and educate people about preventive health measures’ importance.

One of the key strengths of Sky Pharma is its commitment to researching and developing new and innovative drugs. The company’s dedicated team works tirelessly to add new pharma products to its portfolio, allowing Sky Pharma to remain at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry.

Sky Pharma has implemented a number of quality management systems to ensure that its products meet international standards.

Sky pharma values


Collaboration sits at the core of our business, bringing together the best in the industry concerning products, logistics, compliance and network. We bind the best people together to harness the synergy from their expertise, infrastructure and commitment.



We partner only with the best who passes our stringent quality and compliance audits and measures for products and services. Every product is sourced from manufacturers who have proved their mettle in quality, research, innovation and production capacity.



We believe in the power and value of inclusiveness, purpose and empowerment. Therefore, Sky Pharma and all its sister companies support and promote environments and a culture that harnesses the power of our philosophy, where every individual plays a role in mutual growth and fulfilment.

Sky Pharma Partners

Sister Concerns & Partners

An array of of our sister concerns enable us to provide efficient and affordable services within tight deadlines with no compromise on quality.

  • Solutions International LLC, Ukraine
  • Blooming LLC, Ukraine
  • Skymed Pharma, UAE
  • Gydan Life Science Pvt. Ltd., India
  • ACE Health Care, India
  • Mos-Tech, UAE
  • AAT, UAE
  • JNR Aerospace India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Jaimon Soman


Joseph Chacko


Liam Pascal